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 Mission Statement

To promote and nurture the health, education, and competitive spirit of residents of California by managing a quality amateur sports event that encourages participation and provides an Olympic experience.

California State Games (CSG) is a multi-sport festival of Olympic-style competition for California’s amateur athletes of all ages and abilities. State Games is a community-based member of the United States Olympic Committee. In addition to our Summer State Games, we host the California Winter Games, with Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, and Roller Skating. CSG provides all Californians with a wholesome avenue for positive personal development through sports and physical activity. Additionally, a network of administrators and volunteers are established throughout California to further the development of amateur athletic programs.

California State Games is a statewide amateur sports festival that is a 501-c (3) grass roots program of the United States Olympic Committee. The California State Games is a non-profit organization founded 28 years ago.

California is one of 44 states that conduct similar types of statewide competitions. This event is designed to encourage youth to become actively involved in athletics. The State Games is a unique statewide event, bringing many diverse elements of California's population together to celebrate one common bond: amateur sports. The Games attract athletes from a wide variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and skill levels, bringing out former and future Olympians as well as athletes for whom the Games are a real career highlight.


Sandi Hill, Executive Director
Molly Magill, Marketing Manager
Sara Moten, Partnerships & Events
Mikaela Macklin , Social Media Manager
Talia Hill, CSG Mobile App