Frequently Asked Questions

Opening Ceremonies

What is the cost of Opening Ceremonies?
Athletes are free if they march in the Parade of Athletes.  Spectator tickets are $10 each.  Small children who fit under the turnstile can get in for free.  If an athlete does not march, they must buy a ticket. Parking is $5 per car.

Is there assigned seating at Opening Ceremonies?
Premium seats are assigned seats, but regular Opening Ceremonies tickets ($10) are all open seating.  It is first come first serve on the best seats, unless you buy premium seats.

What is Premium Seating?
Premium Seating is available for an additional $15 (total of $25 per ticket).  When purchased, you will receive a reserved seat in the center section of the Plaza.  Premium seat assignments are based on when you purchase them - first tickets sold get the first row!  We sold out last year, so buy your Premium tickets early.

Can a Coach march in with their athlete(s)?
It is preferred that coaches march in with their team to help keep them in order and together.  Up to 2 coaches may march in with their team. 

Can a Parent stay with a young child in the Ceremonies?
If the child is not a part of a team and the parent feels they are too young to march in by themselves, a parent may walk alongside the parade to watch their child.  The parent can assist the volunteers with their sport.

What time is Opening Ceremonies?
Athletes should arrive between 4:00pm – 6:30pm.  The Ceremonies begin at 7:00pm and should be over by 8:30pm.  There is an Athlete Fun Zone set up for everyone between 4:00pm and 6:30pm.  Athletes line up for the Parade at 6:30pm.  

Where do we go at the stadium?
Park in areas F, G, H & J (near trolley station).  Athletes report to Parking area L1.  Spectators enter through Gate G.  Ticket Sales & Will Call are located at Ticket area F.

Where and when is the Stone Brewing Beer Garden?
$10 wristband (buy online) gets you 2 -12 oz craft beers.  The  Stone Brewing Beer Garden will be held before Opening Ceremonies at the stadium in Parking lot O1 (near Athlete Fun Zone) from 4pm - 6:30pm.  You must be 21 years old and must show your ID to receive your wristband.

Athlete Check-In

Where do I Check_in?
Most athletes will check-in at their venue one hour before their first game or event.  Basketball & Softball teams must Check-In at Dave & Buster's on Thursday evening between 5-8pm.

Can one person check-in for a team or multiple individuals?

Tickets & Merchandise

How do I purchase tickets for Opening Ceremonies and other merchandise?

  1. You can purchase them online from our website. Tickets may be picked up at Kick-Off Party on Thursday at Dave & Buster's or at the stadium's Will Call Ticket Booth F.  Merchandise will be  available for pick up at your sport's venue.
  2. You can also purchase Opening Ceremonies tickets and lots of other merchandise at the Kick-Off Party.
  3. You can purchase Opening Ceremonies tickets at SDCCU Stadium –CSG Will Call Ticket Booth F after 4pm on Friday.
  4. Merchandise will be on sale at Opening Ceremonies and certain sports venues.

How do I purchase spectator tickets for an event?
Basketball: Wristbands for Basketball will be on sale at Dave & Buster's Thursday night Kick-Off Party. They will also be for sale at the door of each gym.  ($7 per day or $15 for 3 days)
Wrestling: Tickets for Wrestling will be on sale at the gym on each day of competition.
All other events are free to the public.

Late Registration

I missed the deadline, can I still register for my sport?
Each sport has its own entry deadline listed on the website.  Please check with your Sport Director to see if late registration is available.


When will my sport’s schedules be posted?  
Most schedules will be completed one week after the entry deadline.  All teams must be prepared to play at the start time for their sport which is listed on the website.

What if I coach 2 teams in the Games?  
If you have a special schedule request, you must email the request to as soon as possible, so we can attempt to accomodate your request.  You must have an assistant coach on site. Even if we accomodate pool play scheduling, we cannot predict the future and your 2 teams may be playing at the same time in Championship play.



Will there be photographers on-site at my sporting event?
Majority of the sports venues will have photographers on site.  Some photographers will offer on-site selling while others will have photos available online for purchase after the event. 



When will my sport’s results be posted?  
Most results will be posted on our website within 24 hours.   Team Sports will be posting live results throughout each day.