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Be an Official Representative
of the California State Games!


Promote the California State Games in your hometown and surrounding area at various events you attend already.  We will provide you with promotional brochures and/or postcards focused on one sport, and CSG business cards!

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2017 Ambassadors

Basketball: Keith Cash, Mike Feaster, Michael Forster, Ronnie McDaniel, Ronnie McDaniel Jr., Victor Pina, Mel Robertson, Jon Robles, Gerald Williams


About the Program

We are looking for a few great people to represent the California State Games throughout the State of California! As an Ambassador, you will be recognized as a marketing representative of the Games and attend events in your area promoting the Games. You will receive marketing materials at your request for specific events you plan on attending and to distribute to friends. Ambassadors will be recognized and lead in the 2017 Parade of Athletes in Opening Ceremonies. You will also be recognized on our website and in the 2017 Official Program.

To be a CSG Ambassador, you must have attended the California State Games at least one time, either as an athlete, coach or parent. We want all our Ambassadors to be able to speak to others about their experience at the Games. There is a small annual fee of $40 to sign up to be an Ambassador which shows your commitment and in exchange, we will provide you with CSG Ambassador Business Cards along with promotional materials.

California State Games has become one of the premier events in California. While numbers continue to grow in many sports, we know that there are hundreds of teams and athletes that we have not reached yet. We hope that you can help us with our outreach program. Our goal is to increase awareness of the California State Games around the state and continue to grow participation in the Games each year.

As a CSG AMBASSADOR, you will receive:

  • Ambassadors will be listed on a new "CSG Ambassadors" section of our website. Included with the listing, we will add the Ambasador's sport, club/organization, and a link to their website or email 
  • Ambassadors will be listed in the California State Games Official Program
  • Ambassadors will be given Business Cards with the California State Games logo and the title of "CSG Ambassador" to distribute
  • Ambassadors will lead in the 2017 Parade of Athletes
  • Upon request, we will send you promotional materials (flyers/postcards) to distribute
  • Ambassadors will be kept informed of all State Games promotions incuding Facebook contests
  • Ambassadors will have their own CSG staff member assisting with all your needs

CSG AMBASSADOR Responsibilities:

  • Ambassadors should help spread the word of the California State Games when attending events in their sport
  • Ambassadors should provide a link to California State Games on their club's website, Facebook or Twitter if so desired
  • Ambassadors should continue to be an active participant in the California State Games
  • Ambassadors should give out Business Cards to potential interested teams and serve as a contact in case they have questions
  • Ambassadors should direct potential athletes/teams to the California State Games website, Facebook and Twitter accounts or provide CSG Office with contact information

2016 Ambassadors

Basketball:  Keith Cash, Mike Feaster, Sherry Higgins, Gary Lym, Ronnie McDaniel, Jonathan Robles, Gerald Williams

2015 Ambassadors

Basketball: Marian Carter, Stan Carter, Keith Cash, Mike Feaster, Sherry Higgins, Ronnie McDaniel, Andrew Rife

Track & Field: Bob Griffiths, Jastephanie Sheppard

Water Polo: Michael Fernandez

Badminton: Benjie Baladad

Judo: Julia Simonyan

Synchronized Swimming: Tina Boales, Doug Boales